Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Genesis 50:15,19 NIV 2011

When Joseph’s brothers saw that their father was dead, they said, “What if Joseph holds a grudge against us and pays us back for all the wrongs we did to him?”

But Joseph said to them, “Don’t be afraid. Am I in the place of God?”

Joseph’s older brothers sold him into slavery. They were unhappy Joseph was their father’s “favorite.” What they meant for harm, God used for His good purposes. Joseph ended up in Egypt providentially becoming Pharaoh’s right hand. He saved his family from famine in Judah. Joseph never divulged their hand regarding the reason he was Egypt. His brothers were constantly fearful he would take revenge upon them just as they had done. Joseph had forgiven them many years before and rejoiced at being reunited once again. Forgiving others is a godly action cleansing believers and drawing them closer to the Father.

Joseph’s act of forgiving his brothers is found in the last chapter of Genesis. Fellowship with those we’re unable to forgive stops or at best becomes difficult when we are together. Holding a grudge is what people used to do but it’s not God’s desire for His people. Whether a person asks for forgiveness or doesn’t, I’m still called to forgive them regardless. Walking on eggshells becomes difficult and cumbersome which leads to a unhappy spirit. I’ve found forgiving and moving forward is freeing, drawing me closer to Him.

Who will we forgive today?

Thankful He forgives us daily,


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