Sunday, October 22, 2017

Joshua 7:19-20 NIV 2011

Then Joshua said to Achan, “My son, give glory to the Lord, the God of Israel, and honor him. Tell me what you have done; do not hide it from me.”

Achan replied, “It is true! I have sinned against the Lord, the God of Israel.”


The complete story of Achan’s sin consumes all of chapter 7. He stole riches from the Lord and his sin affected the whole nation of Israel. 7:11, “Israel has sinned; they have violated my covenant, which I commanded them to keep.” Defeat at Ai brought Joshua to the Lord. The leader of God’s people, Joshua asked Achan to come clean. He could not cover his sin. Achan’s greed, stealing from the Lord, brought God’s wrath upon His people. God’s penalty for sin was death. Unconfessed sin separates believers from God.


A Seminole life moment occurred when a friend was untruthful with me. Her words to me were, “well, it’s just a little white lie.” I remember asking my mother what that meant. She immediately set me straight. “There is no such thing as a ‘little white lie.’” We talked about truth and sin. Those words she used have remained with me all these years. “Sin separates us from the Lord. We need to remember to confess our sins so we will remain close to our Savior.” Her words remind me daily, my unconfessed sin will separate me from the Lord.


What sin has separated us today?


Cleansed through confession,


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