Monday, October 26, 2020

1 Peter 2:9-10a NIV 2011

But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light. Once you were not a people, but now you are the people of God.

Peter’s first letter was written to the churches of Asia Minor. Isaiah was called as one of God’s chosen people. Isaiah 43:10, “‘You are my witnesses,’ declares the Lord, ‘my servant whom I have chosen.’” Paul wrote these words to the Ephesians. Ephesians, 1:4 “For he chose us in him before the creation of the world to be holy and blameless in his sight.” Those who did not worship God were not His people. People who do not follow Jesus are not His. Believers that follow Jesus walk by His Radiant Gleaming Light. God chooses His people to walk in Jesus’ Light.

The unfathomable thought, I was chosen to be saved has always boggled my mind. In my younger years I wondered why me? Election and predestination are theological terms that have kept many from coming to know Christ. I’m thankful He chose me to be His own. I continue to pray for those who’ve not yet decided to follow Christ. He places these people on my heart for a reason and my reason to pray for them. He chose me to walk in His Light and pray.

How do we walk in His Light daily?

Chosen by Him,


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