About Me

Awaking before dawn on Sunday, April 6 2014, I was burdened to pray for a dear friend and her husband. Having spent the past few days in bed with a wretched cold/flu bug prayer came easily. But what I kept hearing as I prayed was, “send her an encouraging word!” I wrestled for two hours with all the reasons not to send an email but when I finally realized I had her email address, I was confident this is what God was calling me to do. The mere fact He asked me to do this was nothing short of astounding. My finger hovered over the send button for a long time until I finally sent a quick arrow prayer up and hit send. In less than fifty minutes she responded. That was the first Daily sent and has increased to more than one hundred recipients since that day.

It is all about God and what He chooses to do through our lives. We merely have to answer, “Yes!” My desire to write began the first day I held a pencil and has grown exponentially each year. My letters can be lengthy and my email even longer but I’m learning to edit and say more with fewer words. God used my sweet husband as the purveyor of that information. The humbling privilege of writing for Him was never on my radar but I am eternally grateful He chose me to share his Word daily. Writing, God has shown me He is not done with any of us until the day we walk into eternity with Him.

To God Be the Glory…